Algorithmic Performance, Machine Agency, Archival Practices, Data Coloniality 

In this participatory audiovisual performance, visitors are encouraged to readout various English language texts into a microphone. A machine learning model tries to classify and categorize their voice, tonality and accent in an attempt to produce a speech profile for every word uttered. At the same time, the performer(s) hacks into various inaccessible online archives and databases in an attempt to retrieve accent and speech related materials. A live audiovisual composition created through archival and machine learning imaginations.
DataTone is supported by the Creative Industries NL and the first iteration was performed with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

With a focus on staging encounters with algorithms,DataTone wants to bring forward the creative agency of machine learning algorithms outside the realm of data extraction, colonialism, capital accumulation, automation, control and bias.

Live Composition
Budhaditya Chattopdhyay@Kalponik Rekha, III Den Haag

Live Visuals
Sandipan Nath
@Kalponik Rekha, iii Den Haag

Panel Discussion
Shadman Shahid  @Kalponik Rekha, iii Den Haag

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